The Allied Club For The Creative Heart & Mind


June 17, 2015

Hey guys!

Ah, sweet summer. Once again we find ourselves throwing our backpacks into our closets, as we embark on the 80 day journey of bliss and relaxation. It is the equivalence of New Year's Eve for high school students, as we promise to finally accomplish all of the plans that we couldn’t finish during the previous school year. For many of us, summer is the golden age of creativity and productivity. We are creators, writing poetry, singing songs, and drawing pictures.

This summer, we want to revamp the Pulse website. (If you are unfamiliar with the site, it is https://alliedpulseclub.webs.com!) Our goal is to make this website a showcase of your creations and talents. Any time you make an new art piece, we want you to send it over to either Anitha Kunnath or Tait Algayer.

In addition, we will be posting loose monthly prompts to help aid your creativity. For the month of July, we want you create a “Tribute to Summer” and talk about your favorite summer memory. Perhaps you will paint a picture of sandcastles, or write a song about spitting out watermelon seeds. Whatever you choose, we hope to see it!


Anitha and Tait